Navidi's 2022 Californian Arbequina Olive Oil

  • Navidi's 2022 Californian Arbequina Olive Oil
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Love the taste of a great extra-virgin olive oil? Have us ship you the best 2022 harvest oils from the Northern Hemisphere.  

This Arbequina, harvested from groves in the Capay Valley and pressed at Boundary Bend Estate is a mild olive oil.  Tasting notes include artichoke and tarragon.  This mild, nutty oil finishes with a peppery kick.  Suitable for hot or cold applications.

Fruitiness 4.5 

Bitterness: 3.0

Pungency:  3.0

Available in 6.75 fl. oz. and 12.5 fl. oz. bottles. 



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