Silagy Sauce Fermented Habanero Sauce

  • Silagy Sauce Fermented Habanero Sauce
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Silagy Sauce
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This special batch sauce blends fermented habaneros and roasted garlic & serranos with Camas, WA-based Grains of Wrath Brewing's award-winning Built for Speed IPA.  Silagy Sauce Fermented Habanero Sauce is bright, tangy, and spicy, with hints of dark citrus.  It's so delicious, flavorful and well-balanced; we think you'll really love this ultra-local hot sauce. 

Ingredients: Fermented habanero peppers, roasted serrano peppers, vinegar, roasted fresh garlic, onions, carrots, Grains of Wrath Built for Speed beer (barley, wheat, dextrose, hops, brewer's yeast), sea salt, spices, xanthan gum.  Vegan.  


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