Football Fixins />

It's that time of year again!  You're getting together with friends, family and neighbors to watch the playoffs, and in a few weeks, the Super Bowl. And football is always better when accompanied by some good snack food and festive drinks.  Whether you're hosting a watching party at your house or bringing a dish to someone else's, here are a few ideas for some delicious dishes to prepare;

• Navidi's Honey-Ginger BBQ Ribs (click for complete instructions)

• Kickoff Sliders-- Instead of using Worcestershire sauce, try using 1/2 to 1 tablespoon Espresso Balsamic for each pound of ground beef (along with minced onion, garlic, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper) before you shape your patties.

• Next-Level Popcorn-- As a healthier alternative to butter, toss your popcorn with our Butter Olive Oil, Chipotle or Smoked Chaabani Olive Oils.  Truffle Oil mixed with a little regular olive oil (you don't need much Truffle Oil to get great flavor!) is another tasty option.  And don’t forget the salt! Sprinkle Truffle Salt or one of our flavored sea salts like Jalapeño, Sriracha, or, Roasted Garlic over your freshly-popped popcorn.  The crowd will love it.  Touchdown! 

• Gridiron Jalapeño Poppers-- Mix our Lime Fresco or Chipotle Sea Salt into your cheese filling before popping your poppers into the oven or fryer.  Once they're ready, drizzle with a little Honey-Ginger or Key Lime White Balsamic before serving.  Likewise, our infused salts are great toppers for your guacamole.  Try a using splash of our Jalapeño White Balsamic in your next guac to create layers of heat and tart flavor to offset its creaminess.

 Fresh Homemade Hummus-- Use our California Garlic, Chipotle, or Tuscan Herb Olive Oils to make a quick hummus in your food processor (click for complete instructions).

• Party Mix-- Instead of melted butter, toss your mix with Smoked Chaabani or Butter Olive Oil prior to baking.  Our Aged Traditional Balsamic is also a terrific substitute for Worcestershire sauce in your mix.  2 point conversion!

• Navidi's Balsamic Glazed Nuts-- Click for complete instructions.  You can use our Aged Traditional Balsamic or another dark balsamic favorite like Cinnamon Pear or Vermont Maple.  These nuts are great for scattering on a salad, adding to party mix (see above), or snacking on right from the bowl.

And what would football watching be without something to drink?  Try mixing any of our white balsamics (like Sicilian Lemon, White Raspberry, Coconut, or Grapefruit) with sparkling water to make a healthy, non-alcoholic "shrub".  They are also great mixed with vodka, gin, or a light rum to make cocktails like our Coconut Lime Fizz.  If whiskey or dark rum is more to your liking, try using a dark balsamic like Cinnamon Pear.