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Soup's On!

Soup's On! />
Olive oil is an important ingredient in many soup recipes.  You’ll want to use olive oil in two main ways—to help cook the ingredients and as a flavorful finisher on top of your soup. read more

Salad Days

Salad Days />
Using opposite flavors in your salad will keep it interesting and balanced.  We like to offset salty flavors with sweet, soft things with crunchy elements, bitter or sharp flavors with rich and creamy things, and light ingredients with more filling ones. read more

Football Fixins

Football Fixins />
Football is always better when accompanied by some good snack food and festive drinks. read more

Harvesttime Meals

Harvesttime Meals />
Come fall, at Navidi’s, we’re craving hearty foods made with the best seasonal produce.  read more

Frozen Treat Time!

Frozen Treat Time! />
Cool off by making these refreshing frozen treats at home. Navidi’s carries a variety of products that will help you make delicious and creative popsicles. read more